Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tchin Tchin: welcome to the club Sarkozy!

Oh, le pauvre nouvelle president Nicolas Sarkozy. He gets slammed in the press for taking a three day vacation on a billionaire friend’s yacht after winning the election and before starting the most demanding job in the country (How terrible to have wealthy friends!). During the first 5 weeks of his reign, the little guy has been hopping around Europe like Napoleon on speed, trying to earn the respect of nation and neighbors. He has admirably pushed to get the EU Constitution back on track, to improve relations with the US, with Spain, with Germany, en fin, avec tout le monde qua. The man is taking a moribund, deflated country in a new and exciting direction!

And let me tell you, I am rooting for him. I become more of a Sarko fan every day. I don’t agree with all his ideas; but insofar as he is giving the French economy and statist culture a good kick in the faisse, I am with him. I root for my favorite self-denying Hungarian!

And now comes this jewel. Poor Sarko, who claims he does not drink, has had a bit too much fun of some sort with his new buddy Vlad Putain. Surely the latter—the wily ex-KGB veteran of the G8 circuit—outsmarted the former, who, in his naïvete must have assumed he could drink Vodka with a Russian and then do a press conference. Ah, il faut aprendre quelques choses, mon ami Sarko ! That ex-spy de merde Vlad Putain chewed you up and spit you out, son! He told you that a few shots would be no problem, you’re now beyond criticism of the press anyway, no one can touch you, etc—and WHAM! Smacked you on the ass from backstage and sent you tumbling to your first public embarrassment as President.

What a shame! The guy was just having some fun (here is a fun YouTube comparison with Spanish ex-Prez J.M. Aznar a bit borracho at another public outing). Now everyone’s going to think he’s irresponsible. Even though he semi-recovered in the conference to give a “sober” account of his meeting with Vlad—and spoke with more intelligence than our great American president knows how. In any case—what a scandal!

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