Friday, June 29, 2007

Eurozine honors random Budapest ABC

I am convinced that the foto on the cover of the excellent euro cultural journal Eurozine is from Budapest (Unfortunately I cannot reproduce it here). But it's no iconic Danube scene that we're all used to seeing: it's a simple, beat up old ABC, or cheap neighborhood 7-11. What's amazing is that I think it's one of my locals back in the 7th district! If I recall correctly, this beloved sign was option #3 on those frigid nights when I needed, like, milk, jam, and rolling papers (for my roommates). Not 4 blocks from where I used to live in '02-03 with old friends C and V, and very close to present-day Poke's place. Once the Jewish ghetto, then left to rot under the Soviets, and now one of Bp's coolest neighborhoods.

What say ye, disparate members of the Budapest clan? Am I wrong? Is our old hood finally hitting the big time?

By the way, Eurozine is smart, informative, non-profit, and provides uniquely wide Continental coverage, both political and cultural, with ample attention to central Europe. There is also a great review of what's new in Continental magazines, a la Slate's service for US publications. En fin, there's tons of stuff going on there (including the ABC cover foto!) so put it on your hit list.


Stephen said...

lay off the pipe. i know every sign in District VII and there aren't any signs like that one. if you feel that your sign knowledge is superior to mine, please detail where exactly you think this fantasy of your is. That said, it definitely looks like something that could be found on the shit ridden streets on BP.

zoltero said...

Whoa, easy on the pipe threats, sir. I will revoke your commenting privileges, even if you are the only commenter.
Like I said, I'm pretty sure it's on one of those horizontal streets between dohany and, say, dob utca, and in between kaczynszi and,say, the street that Feszek is on.
Fiiiiiiiiind that!