Thursday, June 28, 2007

Americans not world's only fatasses, report finds

In the latest example of how Europeans want to be like Americans:

"Sedentary modern lifestyles and over-eating have raised obesity to the number one public health challenge of the 21st century, with rapidly increasing childhood obesity of particular concern to western nations. The European Commission has given the food industry and advertising sector until 2010 to clean up its act."

See? The ugly stereotype of the fat American is now well known (and justified), but it turns out that we are, once again, in the vanguard. In truth, our lifestyle is so reviled in Europe precisely because it forces Europeans to face their own inferiority—and no one likes to do that. It’s ok, though: now that they’re beginning to resemble their heavier and happier buddies from across the pond, they’ll come to terms with it. The European child obesity epidemic and annual Obesity Europe conferences are steps in the right direction. Maybe someday they’ll become rich like us too! (Fat chance…)

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