Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hunting, Fishing, Mining, Farming, ...?

Back to the hunting and fishing story (o caza y pesca). So, I was relishing the return to the classic beach scene, and I was also surveying, observing, making mental notes... was I fishing? Or maybe not me, sitting up in the sand, but say that guy or girl or group who meanders through the horizontal masses, running the gauntlet of stares, confident enough to sort of announce her/his/their presence? Just as someone to keep in mind for the future. See what develops.
I’m not sure farming would apply here--it seems like more of a long-term strategy, rather than a night out or a day at the beach. I suppose you could go up to people and said a few words, pique interest, point to your spot, and go there. Then at least you'll have little social reference points among the crowd: some recognizable faces to seek out-- 'Where's Waldo' on the beach, where Waldos are actually good looking people you want to get with. (I don’t know if this is actually done on the beach, but it seems like a better idea the more I think about it.)
So then B suggested mining. Another essential act, timeless in its utility. I was wondering if mining was better or worse than farming, or if they were qualitatively different; in which case, another question: is ‘farming’ just as good a term as ‘playing the field’, but sadly overlooked? Isn't it time, in any case, that we replace or at least complement the wonderfully but woefully vague hooking up?
I am wondering what the ligaring scene is like in BCN, in any case. The dating scene in recent cities I’ve lived in is hard to define, since it seems like there’s something for everyone, but more for people who have money to spend, which is pretty much the same anywhere. I can’t really remember what “Catalan girls are like,” for example (though I can think of some stereotypes). You intrepid reporter will inquire toward this end over the course of the summer.
Who can add to this ‘on the prowl’ list? I’d especially like to hear some terms in other languages that aren’t used in English-- I'm sure Borat has a solid one, for example. You may also submit made-up English words for community review. Our language is so awesome, we make up new words all the time! And then, BAM!, they’re part of the vernacular. We don’t need no Royal Academy of English. We straight up decentralized and underground!

(PS: mega bonus points for a working translation of ‘straight up decentralized and underground’ into any language. That would be sweet! I will ask around for Spanish; I’m not sure about ‘straight up’, for starters, and I fear ‘underground’ would just be Spanglosized, como ‘es muy oon-dair-GRAOW, tio.' Yes, very underground indeed)

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