Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lovers of music unite: is the newest bestest thing out there. Billed as “the social music revolution,” it offers intelligent streaming radio: it learns from what you listen to and gives you more of it. It’s also an online community of people to get new music from. It’s extremely well organized and archived and will liberate you from the 30gb constraints of your ipod, as and had already begun to do for me, but mostly in the world of electronic music (which itself has a nearly bottomless well of stuff to offer).

This site is a service to humanity. Join today and start tagging and sharing and stuff. There is no limit to the groups you can discover with this format, and it’s free! Plus you’ll lose 30lbs during the first week! It will change your life. And this is only the beginning…soon we’ll be accessing personalized streams of music via online radio from our iphones, which will also serve as credit cards and ebooks. The future is going to be better than ever!

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