Thursday, July 5, 2007

High speed chase in the Netherlands

There is a reason the Dutch drug policy, which we might want to compare against our own some day, draws the legal line at pot. (If only the EU would sack up and follow suit, so the Continent could spend more time tracking real criminals and less time breaking stoners' balls.)

Dussen, Netherlands, June 22, 2007—Crop circles on crack? No, just a car driver on coke.

A panicking driver high on cocaine led several police cars and a helicopter on a chase through a rural area in the Netherlands.

After knocking over two apple trees and ramming a metal fence, he zigzagged through a grain field before being caught, local police said. (National Geographic News)

Now, if the fellow had simply obeyed the law smoked some weezy before attempting this work of art:
  • he could've entered without attracting the attention of the authorities;
  • the drawing would've been much prettier and less frenetic;
  • plus he'd've avoided the apple trees and damage to his car.
But no: he had to get all coked up and ruin his shit! Now, in addition to paying for the damages, he'll probably be fined 25euro by the police and forced to apologize to the farmer. A Dutch judge will probably also recommend he lay off the pipe--er, lay off the coke, I mean, and hit the pipe: "Calm down, son!"

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