Tuesday, July 3, 2007

a newer, sexier EU

Well folks, sometimes the right thing pops up at the right time. For example, just as my buddy Drew arrives in Belarus afraid of getting bored, cafebabel profiles an unlikely rockstar in the last bad-boy dictatorship in Europe. A cool Belorussian for Andrew to hunt down before he himself is hunted down for dissent-- nice timing! At the same time, as I'm desperately searching for a way to better focus my europe-ish (europy?) blog, and how to make the topic 'sexier' to the largely indifferent public, the EU drops this number on its YouTube site! There is a god!

There are so many one-liners to crack about this that I would like to hold a contest. Please come up with a quip, headline, or caption-like phrase for this friggin awesome EU video, entitled "Let's come together!"

I will happily list entries here. As always, a prize will be awarded to the best quip/caption/headline/joke about this video. (Last contest's prize, as some of you may remember, was a one way business-class ticket to Papua New Guinea.)

More on this groundbreaking piece of political propaganda later. I'm going to watch the video a few more times. And try to get my hands on the director's cut.

Until then, if you need some help deconstructing the film, find some reactions here, here, aki, hier, et ici. Une nouvelle Union Europeene plus sexy? Moi j'adore!

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