Thursday, June 21, 2007

EU and pesky Poland

As if the EU weren’t facing enough problems in reorganizing the failed constitutional treaty, it now has to deal with the Poland of the Kaczynski twins. Under their aggressive and misguided leadership, Poland as a would-be European power is comparable to a large pubescent teenager trying to throw his weight around under the basket against a ten year NBA veteran who, like the EU 15, is no longer amused.

I am convinced that some day it will be revealed that the brothers were actually born Siamese twins and had to be separated at the skull. The operation, dangerous under any circumstances, was performed at a subpar hospital of the Communist days by a team of drunken surgeons, and left both twins with formidable mental incapacities.

From this perspective, their rise to the top of Polish Politics is an admirable triumph in the face of adversity. Still, we are left with the problem that the retards are running the most important eastern-bloc EU member-state into the ground, and threatening to drag the EU down with them.

Poor Poland. They remind me of the US under Bush. The difference being that the US really is a superpower and therefore has a bit more room for error. I have no problem with a country challenging EU law—as Bush challenges international law--but these twins have really got a pair (or a pair of pairs). They’ve divided their country along similar red state/blue state or traditional/progressive lines. Their Catholic Nationalist rhetoric, which includes cancelling gay pride parades but allowing extreme right groups to march, smacks of the worst of reactionary populism. Such policy has only alienated much of the country’s educated youth, who are abandoning the country en masse for other European opportunities.

Could the tubby twins possibly be ruining Poland’s future as much as the Shrub is ruining America’s? It’s too early to tell. And the truth is that their argument about member-state voting rules in the EU is entirely understandable. But just being mentioned in the same breath with Bush should set off the alarms. It doesn't, of course, because they know exactly what they're doing.

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