Friday, June 22, 2007

Update! Anti-Americanism in EuroMedia

I feel like I was just complaining about this a few days ago...
Over at Davids Medienkritik, one of the few consistently interesting Euro blogs I've found, Ray Drake writes about his appearance on a CBN report about Anti-Americanism in the European Media. (Yes, it exists.)
As I menionted in a recent post about hearing misinformed liberal smacktalk during our rooftop party, European political and cultural thought is poisoned by considerable anti-Americanism. Again, given the many legit reasons for bemoaning current US direction, the institutionalized anti-US stance seems facile and ignorant.
You can check out the interview, and considerable feedback (I'm so jealous! That Davids... he's such a badass!) here. If you don't believe the Davids people, here is a similar report in from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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