Friday, June 22, 2007

which letter has the best cities?

If you could visit or live in 3 cities starting with the same letter, what would they be? This seemed like a tantalizing question to me until I realized that my answer was pretty clear. But I’m very curious what you people think, especially those who have travelled the world (Trief, I'm thinking of you).
New York, for example, would certainly be near the top of my list. But what are the other big-time N cities? Newcastle? Nuremberg? Nanjing (is Nanjing still called Nanjing? Wasn't that city 'raped'?)? Nairobi? New Delhi is a good one. But still, N doesn’t make my cut. Neither does K. Take a few minutes and send your lists and short explanations. I will post them!
Also, anyone who can guess my letter and my 3 cities wins the prize (all are European cities, since that’s all I know, sadly; at least until December). The prize for today is a one-way business class ticket to Papua New Guinea. Good luck!

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